Tuesday Tidbits 2/16/16



Hello! Did you have a good weekend?? I had a great weekend, first off it was a 3 day weekend since we celebrated Presidents Day in the USA on Monday.  It was also Valentine’s weekend.. and I actually went on a date with Mr. Tough Guy.  We normally don’t celebrate Valentine’s day.  However since everyone was off Monday we asked my father to watch kids overnight while we went out.  Of course we went to see Deadpool and I loved it.  (Note to all parents this is not a kid Marvel movie… I wouldn’t suggest anyone under 17 see it.) Then we went to shoot our bows but it was to crowded 😦 Finally we went out to dinner at a local restaurant and it was so good.

I have been slowly reading Morning Star by Pierce Brown it will probably take me longer than most.  Not because it’s a huge book but because I am savoring every moment of the final book in this series.  I highly suggest this series to everyone!!  Pierce is not only a master craftsman of words but of building worlds. I am so emotionally attached to these characters that this finally book may give me the worst book hangover EVER.

What are you currently reading? Do anything fun lately??

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