Morning Star (Red Rising #3), by Pierce Brown

5 bloodydamn that was ride stars!!!


I’m not even sure I can express into words how excellent this book was.  It was an epic ending to a wonderful trilogy.  I know I have said multiple times how wonderful of a writer Pierce Brown is but I’m going to say it again.  He’s amazing, the flow, the craftsmanship, and the unexpected twists and turns!!  It seemed like every time I thought I had something pegged it flipped the other way and if I thought well it’s gonna go the other way cause it’s to simple to go this way.. he went the simple way.  The heart wrenching feels I had there was hope and despair sometimes even on the same page.  I basically said here Pierce Brown is my heart do with it what you will…


I could not read this book in public.. I tried and all I got for it was crying and screaming at the book.  Do you know how many people look at you funny when you scream BLOODYDAMN at a book??  I can’t fully review this without causing unbelievable spoilers.  I will say that when certain people get injured or died. (yes people die they are in a war!!)  I kind of looked like this!


However the ability Pierce Brown has to make you fall in love with every character takes mad skills.  It’s not that I wasn’t only in love with Darrow’s flawed character it was the fact that I was also in love with Sevro, Mustang, Ragner, Victra…. etc.  You rooted for every dang color in this book.  Well except you know the two people you love to hate… So all in all I have to say if you haven’t read this series I have no idea what you are waiting for!!! Read it now!!!   Thank you Pierce Brown for writing this master piece of a trilogy, I look forward to many more books from you!  Even if my heart kind of looks like this in the end…

broken heart

Book Blurb…

Hardcover, 518 pages
Published February 9th 2016 by Del Rey
Original Title
Morning Star
ISBN0345539842 (ISBN13: 9780345539847)

Darrow would have lived in peace, but his enemies brought him war. The Gold overlords demanded his obedience, hanged his wife, and enslaved his people. But Darrow is determined to fight back. Risking everything to transform himself and breach Gold society, Darrow has battled to survive the cutthroat rivalries that breed Society’s mightiest warriors, climbed the ranks, and waited patiently to unleash the revolution that will tear the hierarchy apart from within.

Finally, the time has come.

But devotion to honor and hunger for vengeance run deep on both sides. Darrow and his comrades-in-arms face powerful enemies without scruple or mercy. Among them are some Darrow once considered friends. To win, Darrow will need to inspire those shackled in darkness to break their chains, unmake the world their cruel masters have built, and claim a destiny too long denied – and too glorious to surrender.


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