Tuesday Tidbits 2/23/2016

Hello! How is everyone doing this week?  The week is going very well for me so far… I know it’s only Tuesday don’t get my hopes up.


So last weekend I finished Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy and I have to say it was amazing.  The whole way through there was no middle book slump for me.  His writing is so wonderful and these book contain everything anyone could ask for.  Anyways I have gushed about this series for months so I will try to stop now… except look how pretty the covers all look together!!


Also if you follow my blog at all you will have noticed that Lori Foster’s new book Fighting Dirty was released today.  As I am on her street team I did receive an early copy for my honest review.  Honestly I am always blown away by Lori Foster and her characters. She not only writes such strong alpha men characters but she writes equally strong female characters.  I cannot tell you how many times in her books I root for that heroine to stomp that evil person down a little more.  These women do not back down they do not cower they stand up for themselves and I love them for it.


I am currently reading Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi. I almost didn’t read through the whole series because the first 2 books were not my cup of tea.  However my SIL lovingly told me to stick with it for the last book.  So I did and I am actually enjoying the last book a lot better than the first two… What are you reading? Is it good or bad??


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