Tuesday Tidbits 3/1/16


It’s Tuesday!! Oh my last week and this week have been crazy.  With the mad scientist turning 9 and the ballerina princess turning 7.  Birthday parties galore are happening…they each get there own sleepovers. Last weekend was mad scientist’s sleepover and while all the boys were basically well behaved I was not feeling so well.  I had lost my voice Friday night so trying to wrangle 6 boys while having no voice was difficult at times.  Hopefully by the time ballerina princess’s party comes I’ll have my voice back!

I did not read as much as I hoped last month. This cold slowed me down on the last week of the month.  I read a total of 11 books last month and I honestly can say there were not many at the bottom of the list.  Normally I would do a top and bottom for the month but I can’t think of any that were super bad so I’ll just list all 11 below. In no particular order..

  1. Remember My Beauties by Lynne Hugo, 5 stars!  it was emotionally gripping and kept me wrapped up in it for a whole afternoon.
  2. GoldenSon (Red Rising #2) by Pierce Brown, We all know how I feel about this series obviously 5 stars!!
  3. Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler,  4 stars! this is a modern twist on Taming the Shrew by William Shakespeare.  Overall a really good read.
  4.  The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan,  5 stars! while I really enjoyed it I wished I would’ve read it while I was younger.  I cannot wait until mad scientist wants to read this.
  5. The Edge of Night by Jill Sorenson,  5 stars! it has been a while since a mystery romance has caught my attention and held it.  This one had multiple characters and kept me rapt the whole time.
  6. Saga Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan, 5 stars! for my first graphic novel experience. I would suggest this series to anyone over 17.  There is a lot of nudity and adult content.
  7. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare, 5 stars! this is a collection of 10 novella’s to be read after you read the Mortal Instruments or you will have spoilers.  I have yet to be let down by anything by Cassandra Clare, I will continue to read anything she publishes. She is the only person I have met that did a love triangle justice!
  8. Morning Star (RedRising #3) by Pierce Brown, 5 stars!! of course I love this series I read this last book so slow taking in every word and every detail.  Go read it now!!
  9. Risking it All by Christi Barth, 3 stars! this was a cute contemporary romance.  I unfortunately couldn’t connect to these two characters but I would like to read more in the series to see where the relationships go.
  10. Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) by Tahereh Mafi,  3.5  stars! while I did not enjoy the first two books in this series to much the last one kind of made up for it all. I’m very glad I finished the series.
  11. Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, 5 stars! I’m not going to lie I probably will not be seeing this movie.  This book broke my heart into a thousand pieces I will be picking them up for a long time.  Well done JoJo Moyes well done….

What are you currently reading?? Anything good? I’m always up for suggestions!


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