Top 5 Wednesday 3/16/16, Fictional Items You Want

Another #t5w is here that I can actually partake in.  Last week’s topic I didn’t have a single book I would’ve recommended so I ended up not doing it.  This week however is the Top 5 Fictional items you would want.

These are in no particular order…

  1. Harry Potter-Hermoine’s time turner… yup I so need that! could you imagine… being able to appear anywhere and get crap done.  Just think of all the laundry I could get done!! (it’s probably sad that I thought of that first)
  2. Hunger Games-Katniss’s bow… I want her bow, I will never in a million years be able to shoot as well as her but come on!  It’s almost as good as an Eva Shockey bow… just saying.
  3. Red Rising Trilogy- Gravboots these things just sound awesome.  Could you imagine being able to leap unbelievable long bounds?
  4. The Dresden Files- Harry Dresden’s staff… I was debating between it or any weapon Karrin may own because let’s be honest she kicks butt!!! The staff would be so awesome to have it has so much power.. then again maybe I want his dog…
  5. The Mortal Instruments- Izzy’s whip.. not gonna lie I really enjoy when the female characters are strong and awesome!  Izzy’s whip is so feminine yet so strong… the fact that she makes it a bracelet to take off when needed is pretty awesome!

What about you? What fictional item would you want and from what book?


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