Tuesday Tidbits 3/22/16



Hello! I feel like I’m in another reading slump.  I keep picking up books and placing them down.  I am bound and determined to finish them though.  I do not like to DNF any book no matter how bad.  I always feel like maybe it will get better?

Another head cold is making it’s way through our house so of course I spent most of the weekend cleaning and cloroxing as much as I could!  It seems like every time one of us kicks a cold another has one…

I am currently reading  City of Blades (The Divine Cities, #2)   by Robert Jackson Bennett and it is going well. I knew from City of Ashes that these stories tend to start off with a lot of information dumping then into the action.  I have also jumped head first into Lindsey Stirling’s The Only Pirate at the Party .  I adore Lindsey Stirling and her book is just as corky and cute as she is. I have vowed to read more memoirs this year so hopefully all go as well as hers.  I can’t seem to stick with them though I read a couple chapters and jump into another book.  Maybe they lack action? I’m to used to fiction books?

What are you reading?? Anything good? Any suggestions?

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