Top 5 Wednesday 3/23/16

This week’s Top 5 is supposed to be about books you DNF’d (Did Not Finish).  However I rarely do this. So rarely I could only come up with a total of two books.   I’m taking a cue from a fellow blogger Magic of books  and her Top 5 is bookish habits.  This one should be way easier for me to do.

  1. I love, love books in pristine condition.  That means no cracking the spine, no dog earring the pages, and definitely no writing in them!  This is one of the reasons I only lend my books to a limited amount of people.  If I know I can trust you with my books then you may borrow what you like.  Of course I do have beaten copies of some books.  These are usually books that I re-read constantly, or I have bought used.
  2. Smelling books… yup I do that.  I think most books have a wonderful smell to them.  (hey people like the smell of gasoline I don’t judge!)  I have actually spread this book smelling condition onto my daughter.  We regularly go to the bookstore and browse, while we are browsing we may or may not smell the book.
  3. Post-it notes, I use a ton of the smaller sized post it notes.  Especially if I love the book.  I tend to post-it every part that sticks with me or if I find it was a pivotal moment. Then the edge of the post it not sticks out of the book.  I tend to lean towards one color while reading so the side of the book may be all yellow, pink, or blue when done. (it also makes it easier for me while blogging to remember these moments)
  4. Physical copy of the book.  I prefer the physical copy of the book even if I haven’t read the author before.I do read off of my kindle especially for Netgalley.  Sometimes kindle has free books or .99 cent books, you can’t go wrong there.  However if it is an author I love or a series I love I will buy the physical copy. I really try to bargain hunt for books before I buy in store.  For some reason in store is always twice as much as online.  I love bookoutlet and thrift books!
  5. The bookstore. I go to our local Barnes and Noble at least once a week.  I rarely buy anything besides coffee but I am definitely there a lot. I love looking at all the books, discovering new books, maybe even sniffing some (see number 2).  If I go out with the kids on a weekend they think it’s a good treat to head to Barnes and Noble and look at new things.  Not only do they beg for new books (this makes me so happy) they also love looking at every toy, knickknack, or science experiment they may have.

What about you?  Do you have any bookish habits you would like to share??

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