City of Blades, by Robert Jackson Bennett

4 I still love Sigurd stars!

city of blades

I definitely enjoyed this copy better than City of Stairs.  I’m not sure if it was because I was used to his writing style or if I ignored all of the little bits of information dumps at the beginning of each chapter.  Either way this one was way more captivating than the last one.

This story follows General Turyin Mulaghesh (yup that’s a mouthful) after Shara sends her on a journey to find a missing agent.  Of course this agent went missing in one of the most violent areas in the continents.  There is more to her going missing than just this though.  There may or may not be divinities at work here when there are not to be any more divinities. Turyin has to be secretive with all she does since she is supposed to be at this location just filling in time until her retirement. I really enjoyed Turyin’s character she is strong willed woman.  She says what she means and she’s not afraid to take on anything.  She doesn’t know who is an enemy and who is a friend.  Then Sigurd arrives. Was this another pawn of Shara’s to enter the game or is he just there by luck.  I loved seeing more of him and Turyin I definitely enjoyed their characters more.  Here’s a little tidbit from the book itself that really struck a cord with me…

“Yes. Serve. This is the service, and we soldiers are servants. Sure, when people think of a soldier, they think of soldiers taking. They think of us taking territory, taking the enemy, taking a city or country, taking treasure, or blood. This grand, abstract idea of ‘taking’, as if we were pirates, swaggering and brandishing our weapons, bullying and intimidating people. But a soldier, a true soldier, I think, does not take.  A soldier gives”

“Gives what?”

“Anything,” says Mulaghesh. “Everything, if asked of us. We’re servants, as I said.  A soldier serves not to take, they don’t strive to have something, but rather they strive so that others might one day have something. And a blade isn’t a happy friend to a soldier but a burden, a heavy one, to be used scrupulously and carefully.  A good soldier deos everything they can so they do not have to kill. That’s what training is for. But if we have to, we will.  And when we do that we give up some part of ourselves, as we’re asked to do.”

These books can be read as standalone books you do not need to read them together to understand what is going on.  Thank you to blogging for books and broadway books for sending me this copy for my honest review.

book blurb..

Paperback, 484 pages
Published January 26th 2016 by Broadway Books (first published January 7th 2016)
Original TitleCity of Blades
ISBN0553419714 (ISBN13: 9780553419719)
The city of Voortyashtan was once the domain of the goddess of death, war, and destruction, but now it’s little more than a ruin. General Turyin Mulaghesh is called out of retirement and sent to this hellish place to try to find a Saypuri secret agent who’s gone missing in the middle of a mission, but the city of war offers countless threats: not only have the ghosts of her own past battles followed her here, but she soon finds herself wondering what happened to all the souls that were trapped in the afterlife when the Divinities vanished. Do the dead sleep soundly in the land of death? Or do they have plans of their own?


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