Tuesday Tidbits 3/28/16


Hello Everyone! It’s time for my usual Tuesday Tidbit ramblings. How was everyone’s Easter Holiday? (For those of you who celebrate Easter)  Ours was really nice, a lot of running around but that’s to be expected 😀

I think I’m finally getting somewhere book wise I’m currently reading a couple of wonderful books.  I’m currently super involved in the world that Caroline Kepnes built in You. I’m sure I will have a review up this week for this book.  (Thank you Ruckus Girl for recommending it).  I am still reading Lindsey Stirling’s book like I said before it is really good but I am so used to fiction books so when it’s not I have to read a couple chapters and place it down then pick them back up..

nobody but you

Now on to some wonderful news!! There are two big book releases today in my world.  Both are romance authors so honestly I don’t know whose book I’ll pick to read first.  Jill Shalvis is releasing Nobody But You (Cedar Ridge #3).  I am  so excited to read this book you have no idea!  Of course I am always excited to read her books.  Jacob is finally coming home.. I can’t wait to dive into his character.  The teaser in the previous book was perfection! All of her books are stand alone novels even in a series but honestly if you read them from beginning to end then you get to fall in love with all of the characters even more.

Cuff Me

The second book I cannot wait to get my hands on is written by the fantastic Lauren Layne, Cuff Me (New York’s Finest #3).  What could be better than a series about cop brothers?? Oh wait hot cop brothers?? I enjoy Lauren Layne so much because like Jill Shalvis she brings relate-able characters to you. Her characters while mildly *ahem super hot* hot have such uniqueness that everyone can relate too. Their insecurities could and probably are yours.  I can’t wait to see how Vince handles his long time “hidden” attraction to a fellow officer.

Both books should hopefully be delivered by 8pm to my house 🙂  Happy Book Birthday ladies!!

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