Top 5 Wednesday, Least Favorite Book in A Series

This #t5w topic is your least favorite book in a series.  I have to say I don’t really have any books in any series that I absolutely hate.  However I have some that at the time did not like where the plot was going… So I will mention those below 😀

  1. Shatter Me (#1) by Tahereh MafiShatter MeWhile as a whole this series was not my cup of tea.  My least favorite book is the first one.  Matter of fact if it wouldn’t have been for my SIL saying to continue on with the series it gets better I would’ve never picked up book two.  The lead female character in this book is very unlike able. That might just be me but I really enjoy strong female characters not whiny, wimpy ones..


Cold DAys

2.  Cold Days (#14) by Jim Butcher– I love this series by Jim Butcher, I can not get enough of it.  There was only one book I can remember being a little bit upset by the turn of events.  I know that further in the series it will make sense but as of right now with this book I say boo..  All of these books are well thought out and the characters seem to grow with each book as you want them too.  However some things happen in this book that upset me..


Kentucky Heat

3. Kentucky Heat (#2) by Fern Michaels– I have read, and reread this series so many times the spines are breaking.  I picked the second book because Nealy does a lot of things in this book that I do not agree with.  In the third book it makes sense… however during the book it really upset me.  Again character growth in the next book shows why it was done.




4.  Dead as a Doornail (#5) by Charlaine Harris– I liked this series I even tried to get into the TV show which well… that didn’t go according to plan.  The book itself wasn’t bad but I truly did not like what happened to Sookie’s brother in this book.  He was the clean character the untouched… the happy go lucky… boom that dies in this book. Again character development and all that crap but… I did not like it at the time.




5. Cress (#3) by Marissa Meyer -I loved, loved, loved this series. Don’t get me wrong the re-telling of the these fairy tales was amazing. I know I am in a small group that Cress and Thorne are not my favorite couple.  While I really enjoyed this book as a whole I kind of just wanted to skip to Winter.  I did like seeing how they overcame their difficulties in this book and that Cress came into her own.  (Scarlet and Wolf are still my fav…)

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