You (You#1), by Caroline Kepnes

5 I think I enjoyed that to much stars!


I’m not even sure where to begin with this review.  This book was getting such high praise from everyone.  I was sure it was going to be an over-hyped book. Then some of my favorite vloggers/bloggers said it was awesome and twisted.  I saw it on bookoutlet for a couple of bucks so I thought why the heck not.  Then it sat on my TBR for a while… then my friend and fellow blogger said read it then we can discuss.  Who can pass up discussing books??

This book is not for the happy go lucky readers.  You is about a stalker/killer/psychopath.  This book is told from his perspective.. yup the whole book you are in HIS mind. His name is Joe… and his mind works so differently. He is such a complex character when he would narrate would feel myself nodding along with Joe.  Yes that makes sense you should be mad that she emailed that other person more than you. I couldn’t believe I was agreeing with this person.  Which made the book even harder to put down.  When Joe was being a down to earth person and not all crazy (not that he thinks he is) I actually wanted to be in his company.  This is how amazing Caroline Kepnes writing is.. also on a side note how did she research this??? Joe is making up a plan to get Beck in anyway he can.  Heaven forbid you get in his way, and a lot of people do.

The thing is every single person in this book seems super messed up. Maybe not as much as Joe. Beck’s character was complicated and I really disliked her most of the time.  All of her friends also seem super complicated and really messed up. Of course you see Beck’s character through Joe’s eyes and he likes her so he rationalizes a lot of things.  It’s never her fault…it’s always the person who is hurting Beck fault.

Here is a little bit from the book… it will show you how it goes with Joe.

“You get a kick out of me and you give up on whatever it was you were searching for in your purse and start talking to me.  You don’t just tell a story , you live it.  When you tell me about your favorite birthday party ever, which was when your dad let you and two friends take the ferry to the mainland to see Love Actually and you met a guy, I learn that I am capable of envying a thirteen-year-old boy.  Talking to you is like traveling through time and you sigh. “He meant a lot to me.”

“You still know him?”

You smile at me. “I was referring to Hugh Grant.”

I’ll fucking kill Hugh Grant. “Ah”

Again this book is not for the happy go lucky reader.  It is violent, complex, crazy, however it is also amazingly well written and I love the complexity.  I mean what kind of author takes the chance of writing a book from the stalker’s POV? I highly recommend this book it was really hard to put it down.  I just had to know what Joe would do next.

book blurb..

Hardcover, 422 pages
Published September 30th 2014 by Atria/Emily Bestler Books (first published September 25th 2014)
Original Title You
ISBN 1476785597 (ISBN13: 9781476785592)

When a beautiful, aspiring writer strides into the East Village bookstore where Joe Goldberg works, he does what anyone would do: he Googles the name on her credit card.

There is only one Guinevere Beck in New York City. She has a public Facebook account and Tweets incessantly, telling Joe everything he needs to know: she is simply Beck to her friends, she went to Brown University, she lives on Bank Street, and she’ll be at a bar in Brooklyn tonight—the perfect place for a “chance” meeting.

As Joe invisibly and obsessively takes control of Beck’s life, he orchestrates a series of events to ensure Beck finds herself in his waiting arms. Moving from stalker to boyfriend, Joe transforms himself into Beck’s perfect man, all while quietly removing the obstacles that stand in their way—even if it means murder.

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