Top 5 Wednesday Rainy Day Books

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Hi! It’s time for another Top 5 Wednesday (#t5w).  This week’s topic is Rainy Day Books. I feel almost any book could be a rainy day book, so hopefully I can give enough ideas that it will fill most of everyone’s rainy day lists 😀



The Unidentified RedHead by Alice Clayton.  This book was really great. Alice Clayton’s writing style for this one reminded me of the Gilmore Girls.  The way the characters bantered with one another.  While it is a romance novel there were some things left unresolved for the second book at the end.  So if it is a rainy day and you want to read all day then maybe grab book two too! It was a easy nice read 🙂



Red Rising by Pierce Brown.  You just knew I had to put this series in here somewhere.. I am obsessed and honestly if I had a solid 2 days of nothing to do I would re-read it all over again.  I would definitely want to marathon all three books.It is full of everything you could ever wish for. Sci-fi, mystery, backstabbing.. amazing plot twists!



Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.  I had such a hard time picking just one Rainbow Rowell book.  All of her books are amazing reads and always leave me wanting just a little bit more.  She writes in both they YA category and the Adult category.  Fangirl follows Cath while she attempts to navigate tricky college life and write fan fiction at the same time.



Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman.  This book is so good.. I think it may be listed as Sci-Fi although I’m not a hundred percent sure. It’s told in case files and email exchanges and so on.  I was really hesitant to pick this up but after my SIL said it was worth they hype I did.  They were all right! It was sooo good…I highly suggest the audio book because they have a narrator for practically every character and it makes it all the more awesome.




You by Caroline Kepnes.  This book is not for everyone.. it definitely had me hooked. It follows Joe who is probably the most creepy guy I have ever met.  However on the outside to everyone else you don’t know he is this creepy.  Everything is told in second person.  Kind of like “You walked into the store and got a watermelon…” I am kind of afraid to find out how this author researched this book! It was amazingly good but also very violent at times and would probably have strong trigger warnings for some people.



What would you pick as a Rainy Day read??

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