Return of The Bad Boy (Second Chance #4), by Jessica Lemmon

5 Welcome back to the Cove stars!!




I can’t even explain how happy I am that I have this book..   I won this ARC off a contest from Jessica Lemmon’s Facebook page. (Do you follow her? If not I have no idea what you are waiting for!) She is absolutely one of my favorite author’s so I was stoked to get this book.  Every day I asked Mr. Tough Guy if it came in the mail.. he kept saying no 😦 Then on Friday it arrived 😀  The following is how I felt about the rest of my weekend!!


go away


I am unsure who even to begin with Asher or Gloria?? Everyone who follows this series has been dying for this book. However I still stand my ground that Evan is my favorite! That does not mean that I wouldn’t like Asher almost as much.  Going into this I was unprepared for how much more baggage Gloria had than Asher.  You get to see parts of their relationship play out in previous books. These are two very complex characters and Jessica Lemmon does them absolute justice.  She doesn’t just gloss over the un-pretty parts. Your emotions toil and turn with these two.

Gloria is always running away it seems especially when it comes to Asher.  Once she finally feels like she has a handle on him she finds a half naked groupie on his deck.  Years later they are still circling each other. Gloria doesn’t know how to handle family or relationships.  Her family was not great to say the least,  she has been let down so many times she can’t even count.  However she moved to the Cove to be closer to her friends and their families. I loved seeing the more tender side of Gloria in this book. All of her vulnerabilities were laid out for you. Gloria tends to come off as a kick ass take charge woman, however in this book you get to see her outer shell slowly crack and reveal who she really is underneath.  Gloria is of course doubting herself with everything including Asher.  I was really invested into her character and she grew so much throughout this book

Asher.. the bad boy of all bad boys! While each of the gentlemen in these books has their own bad boy quality Asher’s whole persona screams bad boy.  For goodness sakes he is the lead singer in a very popular band. However his life goes from uncomplicated to extremely complicated when he learns that he has a son. (on a side note I found his son utterly adorable).  Asher’s whole life is changed he wants to be there for his son every step of the way.  Of course this comes with complications like the mother Jordan… grrr… she was not my favorite person I’m pretty sure she wasn’t supposed to be.  He wants more time with his son, he also wants Gloria.  I feel that Asher gets some really good advice from Charlie in this book.  It was exactly what he needed to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Some things I absolutely loved about this book besides the main characters.  Tank the dog! yup adored him to bits.  I loved that we always get to catch up with all of the other characters in the book and how things are going with them.  I love when the boys in the band or just the usual “bandits” get together and it all meshes like one crazy family.  The girlfriend time was super nice how they all complimented each other as friends. Each friend has a special quality that’s needed to make the unit a whole. I super highly recommend you read this series and decide for yourself which bad boy is your favorite!!

Thank you Jessica Lemmon for having the contest that lead to me obtaining this ARC. (you are a wonderful author!) Thank you the TastyBook PR for sending me this book really quickly! I received this book for my honest review 😀

Goodreads link is here

book blurb…

Paperback, 416 pages
Expected publication: April 26th 2016 by Forever
Original Title Return of the Bad Boy
ISBN 1455566500 (ISBN13: 9781455566501)

He’s a mess…

Asher Knight has three constants in his life: music, beautiful women, and a bottle of Jack. He lives for the next gig, the next city, and dreams only of a life spent in front of an arena full of screaming fans. But Asher’s nomad ways come to a sudden stop when he learns he’s the father of a three-year-old from a past relationship and suddenly this rock star bad boy is forced to put down roots.

Only she can clean up

Gloria Shields is no one’s fool. Sure, the sexual chemistry between her and Asher has always been intense, but she’d never risk giving her heart to a man who has a perfect record for breaking them. Except the man desperate to make things right with his newfound son is nothing like the rock god she’s guarded her heart against for years. And it isn’t long before she starts to wonder if life with this bad boy might be the best thing that’s ever happened to her



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