Top Five Wednesday Favorite Mother/Maternal Figures

top 5

Oh my it’s another T5W and this one was harder than I thought… This week’s topic is Top 5 maternal/mother figures.

  1.  Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter– This one I would hope is on every book list?  She is just the right amount of tough love that every mom should be.  I adored her in the books and the movie!  She was super protective of her blood family and her extended family that included Hermione and Harry.


2.  Marilla Cuthbert from Anne of Green Gables– Oh Marilla is so stubborn at first                 but then Anne slowly but surely melts her heart.I loved the dynamic between                   these two characters. It was more grandmother/granddaughter than                                   mother/daughter. However I love how Marilla doesn’t always give in to Anne’s               every whim but backs her up when needed.


3.  Tessa Gray from the Infernal Devices – While she doesn’t show her motherly                    instincts until the Mortal Instruments series. She just loves to watch over all of her family.  I adore her character in the books.  How she hints to things but lets the kids pick their own paths.


4.  Lenni from the book Horseplay – While this book doesn’t actually revolve                         around Lenni or her daughter I found Lenni to be a wonderful mother.  She’s                   dealing with an unruly teenage daughter in a rough situation.  She does it all                     without barely any complaint and manages not to knock out her daughter.


5.  Lucille from the Lucky Harbor series–  I can’t even begin to describe                                     Lucille.. she is such a fun character throughout this entire series.  She see’s so much             more than people give her credit for.  She is forever meddling into these                             characters lives.  Every time you see her name on the page then you know  it will be a funny chapter. Ahh Lucille everyone needs a Lucille in their lives!

lucky harbor


How about you?? What would be your top 5??


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