Top 5 Wednesday Authors You Would Want to Meet

top 5

Okay so I may have changed this a little from what it is supposed to be.  You were supposed to pick author’s that are attending bookcon or BEA.  Honestly that list is pages and pages long… I just don’t have time for that this week.  So I’m going to go with the top 5 authors I would like to meet.

I have already meet a couple of my favorite authors due to nearby book signings.  I have met Nora Roberts two times she is so sweet.  I met my favorite author Jill Shalvis, I was actually speechless when I met her.  (next time I swear I’ll actually talk to her).  Kristan Higgins was at a signing she’s a doll, so nice 🙂  A whole slew of other authors too… Those I haven’t met but would love to are as follows..

  1. Lori Foster –  I adore this author and would love to meet her someday.  I am currently on her street team and it is a wonderful team.  Not only do you hear from Lori but you hear from her wonderful assistant.  Matter of fact not only would I love to meet Lori I would love to meet her assistant too! Lori writes romance and romantic suspense.. go find her on Goodreads
  2. Jessica Lemmon –  I have just been introduced to this author in 2015 and let me tell you she is going to be the next big thing. Her writing style is amazing it feels as if she immerses herself into the characters, so when you read her books you get all the feels!!  Her Bad Boy series is wonderful.. Mrs. Lemmon writes romance books.
  3. Lauren Layne – I am sensing a theme of romance I promise not to pick romance for the next two. Mrs. Layne has always been a big hit with me.  I received an arc of her book Broken and was hooked ever since.  Not only does she write romance she also writes NA romance.  I love the diversity in her books, the characters are not cardboard cutouts they are original.
  4. Pierce Brown –  Oh the Red Rising trilogy truly won me over.  I don’t think I will ever stop ranting about how great this trilogy is.  The intrigue, fighting, suspense, and space!! He also seems like a genuinely nice guy.. all of his social media posts are fun and full of life.
  5. Jim Butcher –  The Dresden Files is one of my favorite series. I cannot get enough of Harry Dresden.  I love, love, love his writing style.  I haven’t read any other books by him yet but honestly I could love him on this series alone.

It was so hard to pick just 5 authors, I have a ton more I would definitely love to meet. Who would you pick if you could only pick 5.  Mind you my top 5 is in no particular order, because anytime I get to meet any author is a good day by me.

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