Top 5 Wednesday, Characters You Are Most Like…

top 5

It’s another Top 5 Wednesday,for this one you can take traits from characters in books to basically describe yourself.. this should be interesting! If you have any book characters that also have some of your traits who are they?? In no particular order…


Katniss from The Hunger Games – everyone should probably have her on their list she is a pretty awesome character.  What trait Katniss has that I also have is the willingness to do anything for my family.  I hope I wouldn’t have to be in the Hunger Games but honestly if I love you I would do anything for you. I am always there for those I love no matter what.



Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter – when doing this I really thought I was going to pick Hermione but no I picked Luna.  Luna and I share the trait of always giving people the benefit of the doubt.  Even when all the odds are stacked against them somehow we always see the good in people. (plus we are both a bit crazy!)




Cath from Fangirl – Cath and I share the social anxiety problem.  While no one has exactly the same anxiety disorder when reading this book I could actually feel her pain of having to go somewhere new with people she didn’t know. I loved this book by the way.. the ups the downs then Rainbow Rowell as per usual keeps you wanting more.



jim butcher2

Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files – Harry has so many witty comebacks that a lot of people in the books just don’t get.  I get them as a reader and I feel like on a daily basis this happens to me.  It is either that or I’m really  just not funny 😉 I highly suggest this series…




Animal M

Lilah from Animal Magnetism – For the love of animals.. honestly if my husband wasn’t around I would be that lady who owned every stray in the neighborhood and then some.  I just love all animals, big or small I love them all.  Lilah owns a kennel and works with all different types of animals.As always I will highly suggest anything written by Jill Shalvis she is amazing.




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