Tuesday Tidbits 5/31/16

I know I’m a day late sorry!! I forgot to post this yesterday!!! All I can say is the summer sickness is moving through our house, fevers, runny noses, and coughing 😦


Hi everyone! How was your weekend?  We were supposed to get away for the weekend and visit some family.  However mad scientist came down with a fever which turned out to be a bad virus and sinus infection.  He is now on antibiotics and feeling a little better. I on the other hand am now sick… so it’s rotating through the house.

I’m almost done typing up my monthly wrap up however I still have one day left to read and read I will!  I don’t think this month was as impressive as last month but that’s okay.  The “littles” only have 2 days left of school so reading will get easier.  Plus we are going to all read the first Harry Potter book together this summer since they received the illustrated edition for Christmas.

Have you read any good books lately?  I started one but may have to put it down.. I’m not connecting with it.


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