25 bookish facts about me..

I have seen this tag floating around book tube lately and thought I would do it on my blog 😀 I’m not sure who first started it… and I officially tag anyone who wants to do it!

  1. I rely on post it notes way too much. Any part in the book I enjoy or hate gets a little post it note. Then when blogging I go back to the post it to relive it.  (this is why I prefer to review paperback over ebook)
  2. I prefer print over ebook, however I tend to read ebooks way faster.
  3. I base which print version I will buy on whether I like the paperback cover better than the hardback or vice versa. (also UK covers are usually way more gorgeous than US)
  4. I have been a reader for as long as I can remember… however after college is when I started reading multiple books a month. Instead of maybe 1-2 a month
  5. I am very proud to say I am raising little readers 😀 I’m not exactly sure how this happened. I read in front of them and to them but they will pick reading over most things now.
  6. I have book sniffing problem… yup I tend to sniff books they smell so good. My father finds this really disturbing. (on a side note… my daughter now sniff books too)
  7. I will not dog ear my pages or crack spines if I can help it. A very few people get to borrow my books just for this reason.  (Unfortunately my eldest dog ears his books, I’m failing…)
  8. If there is a book by an author I love releasing in the next year I will pre-order it. Nothing could stop me from pre-ordering.  Half of the time I forget their release dates and they are like a mini surprise in a box on Tuesday!
  9. I loved books signed by the authors! I have been to a couple signing events and have had some authors send me signed copies.
  10. All of my signed books have special hutches throughout the house to be displayed in.
  11. Tough Guy built me wall to wall book shelves last Christmas. Each 12ft long and there are six of them .
  12. After Mr. Tough Guy built me shelves I decided I needed TBR shelves in the bedroom so he built those too! (he is seriously the best)
  13. If I love a series I will hold off as long as possible at reading the last book. I just don’t want it to end…
  14. During my lunch break or in the yard with the kids if it is nice out I will walk and read. Yes I can walk and read.  While I will admit I don’t read quite as fast this way, I am doing 2 things I enjoy at once.
  15. When I meet authors at signings I tend to freeze up and quickly ask for a picture and run away after they sign my book. I do not think this is due to my anxiety disorder or maybe it is.  The last book signing I got to meet one of my all-time favorite authors and my husband talked to her more than me 😀
  16. If there are horses or a horse related theme on the cover I will pick up the book and more than likely read it. I’m a sucker for horses and dogs on or in books.
  17. I have yet to find a genre I don’t like. Not to say I have enjoyed every classic I’ve read, or steampunk.  I think there are good books in every genre it’s just a matter of deciding what you like and going for it.
  18. A good friend and I started a small 2 person book club last year and we are failing epically at a) choosing books and b) posting group reviews. So hopefully we can get a review done soon of a series we finished!!
  19. If my SIL or brother recommends a book to me I will not hesitate to read it. They usually know my tastes better than I do!! I don’t think they have ever given me a recommendation I haven’t loved
  20. No matter where I go I will always have a book with me… this is also why I carry a big purse.
  21. I love it when a character has a real life problem, sweaty when working out, falling over a flat surface, acne, etc… it makes them more human to me
  22. After my husband built my wall to wall bookshelves we went out and bought “reading” chairs. I have been obsessed with these chairs for YEARS.  Now the kids and I don’t leave them, they are super comfy.
  23. I have a slight obsession with booktube.. okay it might be more than slight. I love booktube!
  24. I have to drink out of a mug while I’m reading in my reading chair. There is either wine in the mug or coffee depending on the time of day!
  25. I’m not very good at keeping up with taking pictures on my own instagram for bookstagram.. but, I love looking at everyone else’s pictures..


Here’s pictures of my obsession with post-its and my reading room with the comfy chairs and new shelves!! (just realized I should do an updated shelfie because there are way more books on it now than there was then haha)

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