A Buckhorn Bachelor, by Lori Foster

5 back to Buckhorn stars!!


I am so excited to be back in Buckhorn again!! These stories will always put a smile on my face. This series is one of those great series where you can get all the feels in a smaller package.  None of the Buckhorn books are super long but they stay in your memory forever.  I think the kindle edition (which I had) was 90 pages.  However I learned very fast with the first Buckhorn books that you will receive a whole bunch of feelings for these characters in a short amount of time.

Lets start with Adam… if you have read the previous books you would know that Adam is Georgia and Jordan’s son.  I can’t believe we get to see all of the old characters from the previous books in here! These can be read as standalone books, so no need to read the previous books but I highly suggest reading them just for fun!!!  Anyways back to Adam, he is so unbelievably sweet but is also kind of a player.  He doesn’t seem to stick with the same woman for long.  That is until he notices his long time co-worker Isabella as more than a co-worker.  She is smart, strong, caring, and feisty.  Is this combination enough to tame Adam?  I loved how he becomes so protective of Isabella.  There is one scene where two guys are trying to ask her out and what he does is so hilarious and just like an alpha man staking his claim.

Isabella I’m not sure where to begin with her.  She was so unbelievably sweet… Isabella has never crossed the line with Adam because her feelings for him run deep.  She didn’t want to be another woman he has spent time with but not stayed with.  Isabella is finally ready to go to the next step with him so she teams up with his cousin Amber.  (on a side note I love Amber’s character)  Amber tells Isabella she must act like she’s on the prowl for a man.  Isabella keeps getting “set” up with men.  Of course once the men in Buckhorn realize she’s available they start coming out of the woodwork.  I adore how Isabella doesn’t realize what a great little package she is.  I think that makes her even more attractive in Adam’s eyes.  The lunch she has with Adam and his relatives is hilarious!! I loved how candid it was.

Thank you to Lori Foster and Harlequin for the copy for my honest review.

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book blurb…

Kindle Edition, 90 pages
Published June 1st 2016 by Harlequin

Adam Sommerville always thought he had it all—great family in a close-knit community, worthwhile job as a high school gym teacher, and no shortage of women eager to be on his arm. But it seems his luck has suddenly run out. Because Buckhorn’s most renowned bachelor has decided it’s time to settle down—and the one woman he wants just put him firmly in the friend zone.

Hiding her true feelings from Adam has been a full-time job for the past five years, but librarian Isabella Presley is determined not to be the latest heart he breaks. The best way to get over her attraction is to find someone else to date—even if it means asking Adam for flirting tips to help her land the perfect guy. But when Adam sets out to convince her the perfect guy is him, will she face her fears for a chance at forever?

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