Tuesday Tidbits 06/21/16


Hello everyone, how was your weekend?  I would say ours was a huge success and not even in a bookish way! If you follow me at all on Instagram you know that we have 2 big dogs. After Mr. Tough Guy and I got married we always seemed to have 2 big dogs and 1 little dog.  Well about 4 years ago out little dog passed away and I was not ready to get another one.  With in the past year our feelings had changed and we were ready for another little dog.  Last weekend we found the perfect addition to our household.  I’m happy to announce we have a new puppy named Charlie.  (cue the awwww’s)


Charlie is half pug and half shi tzu.  These were actually the two breeds we were thinking of getting so it’s a good match up.  He is only 10 weeks old and the two big dogs love him along with the kids 😀

On to bookish news I am currently reading the Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson.  For some odd reason this one is taking me longer to get into than the first two.  Maybe I’m to distracted with the cute fluffy face above!  Or because I’m still trying to recover from ACOMAF.

Have you read anything good lately?  Inquiring minds want to know!!

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