Top 5 Wednesday, Favorite Posts

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Another Top 5 Wednesday is here, this week’s topic is favorite posts you have done.  Whether it be book reviews, photos, etc… If you would like to participate in Top 5 Wednesday just go to this goodreads group here.

  1. One of my favorite reviews is Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster.  This review was my first experience with making some meme’s. The keep calm sign I made for this blog was shared by the author and was one of her favorite posts on pinterest for the month 😀
  2. My next favorite post would be my review for Morning Star by Pierce Brown. This series is definitely one of my favorites of all time.  Pierce Brown is an amazing new writer and if you haven’t checked out the Red Rising series I would highly suggest it.  This blog post is one of my most shared or saved posts on pinterest.
  3.  Another one of my favorites from this year would be Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson.  This book made me so unbelievably relieved that I am not alone.  While we may not all have the same mental illness its great that someone can be so candid about theirs. I don’t think we talk enough about this subject at all.
  4.  Okay so this one is a picture that I did on Instagram… I love Instagram I’m not the greatest at it but once in a while things really come together…Jessica Lemmon mentions this wine very often in her Bad Boys series.  So I decided to give it a go, while I did not enjoy the wine so much I adored this Bad Boy Series!!wp-1453808830613.jpg
  5. Of course my last one is also a picture and it is of course one of my favorite series.  The lighting just happened to help the books gleam on a such a nice day. So here you are The Red Rising trilogy…wp-1455992271647.jpg

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s Top 5 Wednesday!!

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