Tuesday Tidbits 6/28/16


Hi guys! This past weekend flew by so fast I’m not even sure where it went.  We weren’t even busy.  It was a mostly hang out at the pool kind of weekend here.  I did manage to re-organize my bookshelves.  Those of you who follow me on instagram have already seen the final result, however I’m still going to post a picture here!  A good friend of mine made me some canvas art and I wanted to display it properly which meant moving books so I adjusted all of my shelves 😀  I am still reading The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson I’m about half way through and it’s really starting to pick up steam.  The thing is these books are huge so they take a ton of time to read!  However they are so worth it!!


That is a shot of my new set up… I’m still unsure of some of the books placement but moving it around monthly seems to be a thing.

Some great new releases happen today!!!

Jessica Lemmon’s  first book in her new series Billionaire Bad Boys is released today so happy book birthday!!!  It’s called The Billionaire Bachelor and I LOVED it!!! 5 stars!! Here is the goodreads link go and order it!!

Also Jill Shalvis has a new release today in her new series Heartbreaker Bay it’s called Sweet Little Lies and I pre-ordered this baby forever ago!! I can tell you what the first book of July I read will be!!! Mrs. Shalvis has never disappointed me with any of her books! Here is her goodreads link go order it!

What are you reading?  Anything good that I must buy now????





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