Fearless (Rescue Squad #2), by Kimberly Kincaid

5 this is my kind of firehouse stars!!


Wow! Cole and Savannah really know how to ignite some passionate flames!!  I enjoyed the first book in the Rescue Squad series Reckless, but I devoured this one.  I don’t know if it was because I was already invested into the fire house family, or because Savannah was my kind of heroine.

Since I enjoyed Savannah so much let’s start off with her.  The chip on her shoulder must get hard to carry around after a while.  I honestly get why she is so tough, she is doing what most would consider a “man’s” job.  Savannah was also raised in a firefighter household.  Her father is a chief and her brother’s are also firefighters.  While they would prefer if she didn’t become one they definitely had her back throughout it all.  She thinks the only way she will get a fair shake at becoming a firefighter is to move out of her hometown and somewhere no one knows her last name.  I loved how Kimberly Kincaid covered the hard parts of being a female in a “man’s” world.  She didn’t make all men out to be jerks, however she didn’t gloss over the rough stuff either.  Savannah had the right amount of spunk and sass to get her through the tough times at the academy and now at the firehouse. However she still needed to learn a few things, like cooking an awful breakfast just to be spiteful may bite you in the ass because you have to eat it too! (great moment) She learned that she can count on her firehouse brother’s no matter what during training, a fire, or ducks. (you will understand when you get there) All in all she was a great character just the right amount of attitude and conviction.

Cole is such an interesting character I just wanted to pick him apart and see what makes him tick.  He has wanted on squad for years, it has been his goal to make it there.  He can see the light at the end of the tunnel however to get there he has to train a cadet that may push his work and hormone buttons.  The brotherhood he has going on at the firehouse is amazing.  Everyone relies on everyone else… however that doesn’t mean you don’t have your normal family squabbles. Cole had a giant fight with his family when he picked firefighting over the farm.  He hasn’t seen his family since, which really breaks my heart because he seems like such a good guy.  He treats the firehouse like it is his home.  The brotherly qualities between Donovan and Cole are priceless.  When Cole starts to work with Savannah and realizes she is one tough cookie she earns his respect.  However after weeks of being close and trying to ignore the obvious chemistry between them things get steamy one night.. then one night leads to two and so forth.  While Cole and Savannah are able to separate work and pleasure this little fling could get them both fired.  Then something is brought to their attention about a fellow firefighter and the fallout from it may be more than either can handle.

Both of these characters are super strong and very well thought out.  I always love a stronger heroine than a weaker one that relies on a man.  While most of these though love female characters do need the men in their lives , the men seem to need the women more and I love that aspect.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who is a firefighter/romance fan.  Or just a romance fan in general.

Thank you to Netgalley, Kensington Books, and Kimberly Kincaid for the advanced readers copy for my honest review.

Goodreads link here.

book blurb…

ebook, 368 pages
Expected publication: July 26th 2016 by Zebra
ISBN 142013776X (ISBN13: 9781420137767)
Firefighter Cole Everett’s life revolves around the firehouse. Committed to saving lives–and to the guys who always have his back in the most dangerous moments on the job–Cole’s focus is a coveted spot on the Fairview Rescue Squad. When his captain asks him to mentor a rookie firefighter, he jumps at the chance, hoping it will help to prove his skill. But the new “guy” is none other than Savannah Nelson, a female firefighter as stubbornly determined as Cole is, and a whole lot curvier in all the right places . . . Savannah won’t let anyone extinguish her dream of fulfilling her family legacy and becoming a top notch firefighter–and she’s happily surprised when strong-willed, sexy Cole is willing to give her the chance she deserves. Concentrating on the job isn’t always easy when the heat between them flares higher every day, but Savannah won’t give up–not even when one of Station Eight’s veterans seems bent on trashing her reputation. To stop a string of possible arsons, Savannah and Cole will need to eliminate every distraction–but can they let their love go up in flames?

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