“United We Stand”

Do we?  Are we?  No I don’t think so, not anymore.  Every day I hear more and more news of a nation divided than united.  We are tearing ourselves apart from the inside out.  This is exactly what terrorists want. We should be united against terrorism, and against injustice.  However there is a right and wrong way to do this.  What is wrong is saying only certain lives matter.  EVERY life matters… Yes there are bad cops, just as there are bad cashiers, bad accountants and so on.  There will always be that tiny percent that ruins it for everyone.  However what is happening in our nation is beyond a concern for me.  You see I’m trying to raise self-assured, respectable children.  Do I teach them to see color? No. Do I teach them to disabilities? No.  Do I teach them right from wrong? Yes.  Action versus reaction is what needs to happen more.  Everyone is having a gut reaction to the news, and their glorified opinions.  Do I watch the news yes, do I need their opinions no.  They are to tell news not glorified opinions, or guesses.  Am I saddened when I hear of anyone being killed? Yes of course.  I was not there in any of the recent situations and I trust that if the actions were wrong that repercussions will be handed out accordingly.  I am also sad that we lost the lives of brave policemen who stood in between the innocent and the guilty.  I feel for those who have lost a family member due to recent tragedies, and I will pray for them wholeheartedly.  As a nation divided we can never stand united. Our soldiers are fighting for our freedom and we burn the flag?  These soldiers who may never come home again, and we disrespect them by killing each other?  We need to come together and stop playing the blame game.  We need to stop murdering each other and stand together to fight a bigger evil. We need to start seeing other people as human beings instead of an account online. Start paying it forward, smile at someone as you pass them, open a door, or help someone to their car with groceries.  Just do something positive for once instead of filling the world with such negativity.

#payitforward #alllivesmatter #unitedwestand #striveforbetter

(disclaimer I am a book blogger first and foremost but after recent events I just needed to voice that we all matter and we should strive to work together… I will not post like this daily or even monthly…)

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