Tuesday Tidbits 7/26/16


Hello everyone!  So this Tuesday really surprised me because our weekend and the last two days were so busy.  Our Saturday started out rather blah but then turned into taking the kids to DC comic night at Barnes and Noble and Pokemon hunting on the nearest college campus.  Our local campus has a million poke stops!!  I couldn’t believe it.  The kids really enjoy this so off we went all around the campus getting exercise while hunting those elusive pokemon.   On Sunday we had to get prepared to trailer my horse to the local equine hospital for treatment.  He had a big tumor removed a couple times before and our local vet had told us it was time to head to the equine hospital for treatment.  My horse has been treated and was taken home this morning. While he does have a form of cancer we are hoping for a good outcome.

I did manage to finish Traitor’s Blade this weekend and I can’t wait to get my review done for it! This book was really good matter of fact I will be requesting the second book immediately. I just started The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis and it is an entertaining read for sure!

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