Tuesday Tidbits 8/9/16


Hello everyone! How was your weekend?  I’m not even sure where the weekend went?! Actually I do, I worked a lot last week, then we had a wedding over the weekend, finally we went up the mountain to play with the horses.  While last week and the weekend were super hectic I know I am just days a way from vacation.  I cannot wait for vacation, hopefully I will get my crazy TBR down a little…

For ARC August I definitely have a big line up.  I was sent a lot of physical books and ebooks to review.  I plan on hitting as many up as I can 😀 I would like to get back into the swing of reading more than 8 books a month I used to do 10-12 then summer hit and we haven’t stopped moving… August 30th seems to be a big release day for most of my books so I have a little over a half of a month to get a lot of books!

What are your reading plans for August?  Planning on participating in ARC August at all?

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