Tuesday Tidbits (8/16/16)


Hello everyone! I swear I haven’t quit blogging… we are on vacation and haven’t stopped running in 4 days! We went to visit family at the lake for a couple days, I did finish one book and get half way through another one while I was there. The kids had a blast with their little cousins and the pool.  We had fun just relaxing and getting to see all the wildlife. I will compile a bunch of pictures below of how the weekend went. It was Mr. Tough Guy’s and I wedding anniversary over the weekend too.  12 big years.. it doesn’t seem like it but it has been that long.

We also took my horse back to the vet for a followup and found that the cancer is still there.  He had to have some more minor surgery and have more radiation pills added into his neck.  We go back in six weeks again…


Did you read anything good last weekend? I’m trying to get through ARC August so far it’s not going so well. I am currently reading Dark Matter which started off really good I hope it lives up to the hype.

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