Tuesday Tidbits 8/30/16


Hello everyone! How was your weekend?  I think I am finally out of my reading slump!! YAY I may actually make it to my 10-12 book usual month this month 😀  We went to the barn this past weekend to cut the stitches out from Nick’s radiation beads in his neck  (In case you forgot Nick is my horse) He seems to be doing really well this time around, well he was spunky enough to make Mr. Tough Guy chase him around the arena a bit 😉  Charlie the new dog has learned some new commands (of course only when he wants to do them) He can now sit and half way roll over!

I am currently reading Winner Takes All by Erin Kern, and I also started Heir of Fire and Rebel Spring but I may have to stop one so I don’t start confusing characters. Have you read any good books lately? I hope to beat my 6 book a month slump I have had for the last two months!! Any ideas of good books to get you out of a slump.

Oh on a side note my ARC August is going really well 😀

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