Tuesday Tidbits 9/6/16


Hello everyone, how was your weekend? Ours was packed full of running around per usual. The kids had a slumber party over the weekend which meant that mom and dad had some alone time.  We decided to go see Suicide Squad which was fantastic.  I highly recommend that one.  Although looking back it was mainly focused on Will Smith’s character than anybody else.  However Mr. Tough Guy may be a Harley Quinn fan now 😉 Then we went to meet a new baby in the family.  So cute…  Finally Monday was family day at my husband’s work so we got to get an inside peek at what he does 5 days a week.  The kids had fun exploring all that their dad does, plus the company had bounce houses up.  The fire company and local police department were there and were really sweet to the kids.

Onto bookish things I just finished a book that I thought I was going to love because it won an award and it fell short for me.  I will have that review up soon. I started Heir of Fire but then found out I should probably read assassins blade first so I guess I will go and do that.  There are so many books I want to read this month and so little time to do that in. What books are you excited for this month?

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