Top 5 Wednesday, Characters You Want as Family

It’s T5W time and I’m so excited to be back at it. This month’s topics look so good!  Top 5 Wednesday is a group on goodreads you can join and participate in all the fun.  You can get to the group from this link.   It was created by Gingerreadslainey and is hosted by ThoughtsonTomes

Top 5 Characters I would want as family… in no particular order…

Sevro  from Red Rising reminds me of that crazy brother that you love because he so far off his rocker.  Honestly he is so unbelievably loyal to people he considers family, but also very insane. The stuff that comes out of his mouth will definitely keep you on your toes…(I don’t know who made this image all it said was pinterest so go you! it’s spot on)


Hermione from Harry Potter.. I’m wondering who didn’t put her on their list?? She is totally the most awesome character. She would be great as a best friend, who always has your back and is unbelievably smart.  I just feel she would be a fun person to have some girly time with.


Charlie from Bringing Home a Bad Boy, I’m pretty sure Charlie and I are the same person. She could be my sister.   She’s super sweet and wears her heart on her sleeve.  Charlie will put on a brave face even though she is slowly dying inside.  She is constantly giving all she has to everyone else without thinking about herself.  Such an amazing character, I actually named my dog Charlie after her… except he’s more like a Loki… ahahahah



Simon from the Shadowhunters, because honestly who does not need a Simon in their life?  Personally I wouldn’t put Simon in the friend zone but even if he was he would be the greatest guy friend around.  He would always be there for you, and even tears wouldn’t scare him off. Simon is always thinking of everyone else instead of himself and is beyond sweet.


Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files would be the best uncle ever. He would take you places you weren’t allowed to go, then act all innocent to your parents when they found out.  He would teach you how to do magic while being hilariously witty.  Harry is one of my favorite characters of all time and I feel like the poor guy can never catch a break.  Plus I mean who wouldn’t want access to his dog Mouse he sounds like the best dog ever 😀


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