Tuesday Tidbits 9/12/16


Hello everyone, how was your weekend? Ours was very nice and relaxing only a couple things that we had to do.  We had a party to be at, and some grocery shopping to get done.  Other than that I mostly caught up on housework and read which was super nice. I love having a relaxing day all to ourselves.  We played catch in the yard and shot the bows.  I think my shoulder might finally be on the mend from messing up my AC joint.  I’m not 100% and I’m not sure I will ever be but as long as I can do what I have to and shoot my bow I’ll be happy 😀

In bookish news I’m doing great in my goodreads challenge.  I wasn’t sure how I would do this year because I read a lot last year while I was sick and couldn’t do anything.  I may have to bump up my total a bit… or maybe I’ll leave it go and just see how far I can go. I’m starting to really tear through the Throne of Glass novels. I want to get caught up on most of my series that I started.  I ordered Empire of Storms but it hasn’t arrived yet from Book Depository 😦 I ordered the UK edition because I love them… and since I’m not caught up yet I don’t mind waiting.

How was your weekend? Did you read any good books??


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