Tuesday Tidbits 9/20/16



Hey everyone, how was your weekend?  Mine was pretty lazy… not going to lie I was so sick on Saturday with a migraine that all I did was lay around and read if possible.  The kids and hubby took such good care of me.  That kind of screwed up my weekend plans of cleaning haha. However by Sunday I was feeling slightly better.  I was well enough to travel to the barn and visit my horse who looks really well.  His tumors seem to be shrinking so that’s great news!  Also we got to visit our newest nephew… he’s so cute.

I seem to be on a upswing in reading lately.  I have had a couple really good reads and one or two really disappointing reads.  As a blogger I try to never rip on a book and just say it’s not for me, because even though I hate it someone else may love it.  It is never the author’s fault if you don’t like it.  So please remember as bloggers reviewers that author’s are human too. You can say you didn’t like the book because X,Y,Z but you can’t say oh that author has no idea what they are doing.  That’s just wrong…these books are their heart and soul.  Please be kind.. I really didn’t mean to go off on a tangent about reviewing ha! sorry.

The most recent read I did that was off the charts for me was Pull Me Close by Sidney Halston this book dealt with real issues in a real way. I highly suggest it.  I am almost done with Heir of Fire I can see the end… I have about 100 pages to go!  What about you? Have you read anything good lately? I’m always up for suggestions!!

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