Top 5 Wednesday

It’s T5W time and I’m so excited to be back at it. This month’s topics look so good!  Top 5 Wednesday is a group on goodreads you can join and participate in all the fun.  You can get to the group from this link.   It was created by Gingerreadslainey and is hosted by ThoughtsonTomes

top 5

This Top 5 Wednesday is characters you would not want to trade places with.


Darrow from Red Rising – Not even going to joke around about the crap this poor guy goes through.  While I adore this series poor Darrow is constantly being beaten, taken apart and put back together, having body parts loped off… yup no thank you.



Vin from Mistborn – Oy Vey the amount of stuff this poor girl goes through.  While she has great growth throughout the books I would not suggest this world or her situation to anyone.  While mind you I think I might like to be Mistborn if the universe didn’t depend on me being  one

The Final Empire

Celeana from Throne of Glass –  I’m sorry have you ever read this series?? This poor woman.. she gets lied to, she gets beaten, she is instantly judged just for her birth right.  I can’t even tell you how much stronger than me she is…


MacKayla Lane from The Fever Series – This girl is so kick butt but yet a girly, girl.  However the fact that all these demon fae are attacking people and she has to stop them. Yah I’m not that brave at all… however there is always the positive side of Jericho… so…hmmmm….


Any Character in Falling Kingdoms series –  Honestly no one is safe in this series. The world is falling apart everyone seems to be dying left and right.  No one is safe from Morgan Rhodes pen of doom…

falling kingdoms

How about you?? Anyone you wouldn’t trade places with??

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