September Monthly Wrap Up!

Wow September is over already! Where did it go?? I can’t believe it, months seem to be going faster than normal. For September I read a total of 14 books.  Which is above my normal ratio but didn’t actually feel like it.  Below are the books I read in the month of September.




My Top book of the month is…

Pull Me Close by Sidney Halston –  This book was amazing. I’m so happy I finally found a book that did mental illness right.  It also had romance and friendship in it.

My least favorite book is….

Loose Lips – I gave this one zero stars. It definitely was not the book for me!


I had a lot of 4 and 5 star books this month.  I love those kinds of months!  How about you?  How did you do last month did you meet your goal?  Or did you read anything exceptional that I should put on my TBR ?





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