A sweet story…

I just have to share a story with you guys I promise it will be fast and sweet.  I know that everyone knows October is breast cancer awareness month and that my facebook and other pages will be filled with reminders to check yourself.  As I have previously shared I put bright pink streaks into my hair during BCA month.  When someone compliments it or asks me why I say “it’s breast cancer awareness month, get a checkup” Everyone once in awhile someone will say “that’s nice” and sometimes I say “yup I do it for my mom”

Well yesterday was just one of those days a lady who works in my building that I do not know complimented my hair and I told her to get her check-up she said “what a great idea” I said “I do it for my mom who is Stage IV Metastatic” she said “I was so nice” and we went about our day.  Today this same lady walks in and says “I couldn’t help but think of your mom and you yesterday, I have added you to our prayer chain.” I said “Oh thank you that’s so nice” then she proceeded to hand me a gift bag and said “It’s a little something for you and your mom” I’m not going to lie I started tearing up at this.

I have done the pink streaks for the past 4 years; and I remind people to get checked, or check themselves. I usually get a “oh thanks, or that’s nice.” Never has anyone came back to me and told me that they thought about us or added us to their prayer chain.  Honestly, I don’t need the validation, but knowing I affected one person to think about breast cancer a little longer it was worth it.  Women with Breast cancer are amazing fighters and so are their families.  1 in 8 women will get breast cancer.  That is alarmingly to high, I already have 2 friends with it, and my mother.  Think about that 1 in 8… Please get checked or check yourself.  Early detection is key to this..and anyone out there fighting breast cancer continue to fight. You are worth it, I think so, and so do your family and friends.


3 thoughts on “A sweet story…

  1. This is an awesome story! You are right, as long as you affect one person, it’s worth it. I actually didn’t know that breast cancer is such a big thing but 1 in 8 is quite alarming.


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