New Friend Friday!



Hello! I thought I would start something new just a quick Friday update on any new or old blogging friends I have made ๐Ÿ˜€ I always enjoy meeting new people in the blogiverse so I thought I would share.

I was paired up with the most amazing young woman for the Blogger Positivity Movement. ย I am reallyย enjoying our chats and learning all about where she is from and what books she likes to read. ย Her blog is Ribbon Reviews and you should definitely go follow her because her reviews and blog are just lovely.


A blog I have been following probably close to when I started my own blog is Kristyandthecatreadย . I found this blog in a random search and I adore it. ย We tend to read just about the same books and our thoughts seem on track with each other. So when I’m thinking about reading a book I just look at Kristy’s blog and see if she’s read it yet… Plusย the fact that her cat is involved is so cute! I highly suggest you go check out her blog!

I love learning about new friends so feel free to send me links to other blogs ๐Ÿ˜€




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