Tuesday Tidbits 10/18/16



Hey everyone, how was your weekend. Mine was eventful to say the least. We took the dog and cat in for their shots over the weekend, while Mr. Tough Guy and Mad Scientist went hunting.  We found out that the reason the puppy had been limping… he broke his hip!! We had to wait for the vet to conference with one another on how to proceed since he is so young.  So surgery it is for little Charlie next week.  The cat on the other hand is on antibiotics now for his ear infection and his nose infection. So it was a pleasant ride to the vet unless you were one of my younger two kids, in which I tortured them by making them ride in the car…

I’m hoping to have a good upcoming weekend. My mommy is coming in for a visit, and how I love our visits.  Usually full of tons of laughing and crying because we are laughing so hard!!  Then we have a Halloween parade for the littles dance group on Saturday.  Followed by a baptism on Sunday 😀 So all in all a good weekend ahead.

I’m currently reading Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, technically my eldest is reading it out loud to me 😉 He was nice enough to offer reading it out loud to me while I messed with his sisters hair and now he doesn’t want to stop!  I am also reading an ARC and I started Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… Have you read anything good lately? Any suggestions??

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