Tuesday Tidbits 10/25/16



Hey everyone, how was your weekend? Ours was super busy, I’m pretty sure I barely read at all. My mom came up on Friday and we went and got our tattoos!  We have been planning this tattoo for over a year.  Since we stuck with the original design that long we figured it was time to go ahead and get it. I will share a pic below of the lovely tattoo we got.  I couldn’t be happier with it, or with the person who did the tattoo. If you live near me and are considering a tattoo email me and I will let you know where I went.  On Saturday we had the local parade that all 3 of my kids were in. Of course keeping with tradition it was cold and rainy, but the kids had fun so that is all that counts! On Sunday we spent most of the day with our family so the kids were able to play with all of their cousins.


I just finished the Billionaire Next Door by Jessica Lemmon, it was so good.  I’m assuming my review is up already so check that out!! I started Pride Prejudice and Zombies, got to chapter six and put it down. I may need to go back to that. I’m not 100% sure what I want to read next.. I have an overflowing TBR pile and some ARC copies to get through so we will see.



6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits 10/25/16

  1. Love the tattoo!!! I love tattoos and getting inked. My body has been itching for new ink too lol. Your weekend sounds like it was filled with love and happiness which is always great =)

    Overflowing TBRs….I can relate lol. I’m a mood reader so it doesn’t help with what I want to read next. Ugh!

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      1. that’s so awesome!! I started off with my rib cage tattoo being “my only one” and now I have three with plans of getting my leg fully tattooed. my parents were like “weren’t you just going to do one?” YEAH NO!

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