New Friend Friday!



Yay! It’s time for some more blog recommendations.  I have received such an outgoing show of support for this weekly post I may keep it going a while longer. I have also made a ton of new blogging friends from all over the world.  It’s so nice to learn about new books, and everyone’s opinions on those books 🙂


Liz @ CovertoCover  I am new to Liz’s amazing blog! Have you seen it yet? I don’t know what you are waiting for she does such amazing reviews on such a wide array of books.  Her blog’s layout is just gorgeous!! It is so easy to navigate and see what she has been reading  or otherwise. She breaks her star ratings out for you so that if you only want to see what she really liked or disliked you just click and are brought to her amazing reviews!  I highly suggest you take five minutes out of your day and stop on over to say hi!

Renee @ itsbooktalk  This is another blogger friend who I just meet recently.(online that is) I love her blog, and can I just say I adore the fact that her banner is a book club meeting!! If you read her about me page you will find out she started her own book club, which is amazing.  Not only does she get to hang out with some great bookish friends and drink wine, she also does great reviews.  She lays it all out there the good and the bad, but does it in such a great way! Stop by her blog and check out all of her great posts!!



19 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!

  1. Awww, thanks for the spotlight and your kind words. I haven’t.. well, my blog doesn’t often get complimented so well… so I’m having all the feels right now 😀 LOL…

    This is a great feature to do in terms of fidning out about fellow book bloggers and I certainly wasn’t following Its Book Talk yet… I am now though 🙂

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  2. Wow, thanks so much for highlighting my blog on your new friends friday!! And for the compliments:) I’ve also loved getting to ‘meet’ and chat with so many nice book bloggers from all over . I love this post idea so please keep it up:) I may add this meme to my blog on some fridays as well.

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  3. This is a great idea for a post, that I’ve already been featured on – massive thanks.😀

    Great choices, I do follow Renee but I don’t believe I’ve ever interacted with her (I’m not the biggest interacter out there, unless Jill, Danielle or Old Anne drag me down into banter) but Liz is definitely a great choice and is a quality blogger.😀

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