Tuesday Tidbits 11/8/16


Hello, how was your weekend? Mine was super productive… we cleaned ALOT!! The kids even got in on the super fun times by scrubbing walls and windows.  No I did not ask them to scrub walls or windows they saw me starting to do it and wanted to finish so.  Go team!! Hopefully it will last more than a couple hours haha.

Mr. Tough guy took the older two children squirrel hunting on Saturday. While they were hunting mini Hulk and I went to the local library to hang out.  However they were having the annual book sale so you know what happened! I bought a ton of books!! Each kid received 4 booksand I bought 5 books and it only cost me $6.00!! I love libraries and we have some really great ones nearby…

Then on Sunday we had family come visit. I really enjoy family visits one on one because the kids get to play together and bond more it’s not as chaotic.  It’s one on one cousin time and one on one adult time.  Well for the most part there is adult time except when the kids are needy.

I am currently reading Size Matters and Gemina.  I am slowly working my way through both.  I am really enjoying both also so that is good news 😀 I seem to falling into another reading funk… hopefully that doesn’t stick around long! Have you read anything good lately any suggestions? I have to say I’m seeing a lot of good books floating around the blogosphere… my TBR is going to blow up!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits 11/8/16

  1. Gawds, I need to inspire a couple of kids to come and help me clean as well. Too bad I can’t borrow yours easily ;). Omg, I just realised what buying books for kids must be like…[insert angelic choir track] and especially if they love to read and get all excited about it. Heaven! Reading funks are going around like the flu on here, I’m thinking that maybe we’re asking too much of ourselves sometimes!

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    1. Hahah I think mine is a mental thing not an actual book thing… yes when my kids want to clean it’s awesome!! All of my kids love books there are days we will all sit around and read. I think the funniest part is when they get excited about what they are reading and want to tell me all about it

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