New Friend Friday!!


It’s that time of week again 😀 another new friend Friday is here!!! I’m really enjoying everyone’s comments and blog suggestions on these posts.  Thank you everyone who has participated in sharing the love of New Friend Friday.  I won’t call it a tag but feel free to share the wealth.  Call out a new friend or two once a week whether on twitter, Instagram, or your blog.  It could be the pick me up they need that day!!

Heather @ The Sassy Book Geek – First of all we seem to have the same interest in books.   We also seem to both have giant TBR piles, of course what book loving person doesn’t?? Have you seen her blog?? It’s so pleasing to the eye her color scheme just flows.Not only are her reviews awesome but she does the most hilarious meme’s and gif’s.  I always smile when I read her reviews.  So what are you waiting for?? Go follow her now! (image taken from The Sassy Book Geek)

Danielle @ Books, Vertigo and Tea – Is amazing, her blog posts are so well thought out. She breaks each review out into her thoughts which are broken out by section, characters, world building, plot, etc. She not only does great reviews but does tags, and constant weekly posts like sum it up sunday!  All of her posts are so well laid out with graphics and images I could re-read them all day long! She also is very interactive on her blog and others that she follows, constantly chatting away in the comments. Go follow her now!(image taken from Books, Vertigo and Tea)


21 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!

  1. Calling out a new friend on twitter, Instagram, or your blog is a GREAT idea Debby :). And excellent choices as always :D. Hilarity is a must sometimes, so I’m definitely going to check out more of Heather’s posts :3. Danielle is fabulous and works so hard for her blog, that can only be applauded <3. Love her!

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  2. Nailed it! Again 🙂 and I found a new blog to follow- Sassy Book Geek… exciting 🙂

    I love this–> “Call out a new friend or two once a week whether on twitter, Instagram, or your blog. It could be the pick me up they need that day!!”… You’re right… a bit of spotlight and a compliment can go a long way to make someone’s day better 🙂 I need to remember that and do more shoutouts! 🙂

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      1. 😀 oops… well, finance is tough… I should know because I suck at maths but have to put together invoices sometimes so it;s like Chinese to me.. so finance people are like gods in my eyes! really 😀

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  3. For some reason I didn’t even see the pingback notification for this and I’m mad at WordPress! Thank you so much for featuring me on here Debby your words are too kind and I appreciate them very much! It also means a TON to hear you say you find my blog layout eye-pleasing haha, because I’m super self conscious about it since I’m terrible with design! 🙂

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