Tuesday Tidbits


Hi guys! I’m not even sure where this last weekend went!! It blew by so fast… What did I do Saturday? Oh yah we had dance class, by we I mean the kids.  While they were at class little hulk and I ran some errands.  After class we ran some more errands including getting groceries.  By the time we got home that evening I wanted to just to veg out on the couch.  Then Sunday of course I had a terrible migraine so I laid about more.. it was awful I hate having migraines.  For those of us who get them on a regular basis hats off to you! I get them multiple times a week and am switching up my meds to hopefully help out with those problems.

Onto bookish news, I finished my buddy read with @Ribbon Reviews.  We read Size Matters by Alison Bliss.  Our reviews will be up later this week but I really enjoyed buddy reading with her and discussing different points and sections of the book. It’s nice to have someone to discuss your thoughts with to help you sort it out.  I also finished Gemina last weekend so look for that book review to come.  If you haven’t read Illuminae and Gemina I don’t know what you are waiting for.  First of the books themselves are gorgeous second of all I LOVE the format.  The authors/publishing company took a big risk with this format but I think it paid off so well.  Favorite character after reading Gemina would be Ella she is pretty kick butt and I love her sass!!

I’m starting a Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess so far so good. It has some really good paragraphs that I will probably “highlight” in my review.

Oh I almost forgot my Quarterly box came 😀  This is the first subscription box I have ever tried and I have to say I may be hooked!! Not only does the author of the quarter design your box but they put annotations in their book that they are sending you.  The box I received was S.J. Kincaid, you know who the author is before you purchase.  She put some fabulous bookish things in my box including 2 more books!!! Here is a pic of my box 🙂


So what have you been reading?? Anything good???  Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes? If so do tell which ones and are they any good…


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Your weekends sound so familiar, probably because I myself have 2 tiny humans managing my life lol. I’m also prone to getting migraines & have thought about getting medication for them, I may just do that soon. I LOVED Gemina 1 million times more than Illuminae if that’s even possible lol. I enjoyed both books but the characters in Gemina were a riot! Ella, Nik, and Hannah stole my nights. Ella was my favorite of the crew, my little spider lol. I’m about to go look into Quarterly now, my curiosity you have piqued 😉

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    1. I loved Ella, their chats were the best after everyone was on the Palmpad I think I laughed really hard while reading those! I will definitely sign up for another box, I’m just not sure which one. They have so many to pick from 😀

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      1. OMG those chats! I swear I looked like a fool smiling so hard I gave myself dimples on the train ride to & from work lol. Quarterly looks innnnneresting, may give it a whirl after my Book of The Month 3 mth sub is up.

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      2. How do you like book of the month? I know especially when she kept changing his name. “Littlenikisdrivingthebus” I busted a gut. My sister in law was reading it too and she called me hysterically laughing at that part.

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  2. LMAO! yes! her getting on Nik were some of the best scenes in the book. Book Of The Month is cool because you also get to choose from a selection of 5 and all picks do tend to sound interesting. I actually go back & forth with myself trying to pick just 1, the cool thing though is that you can add any of the past book picks for just $9.99. That’s much cheaper than what you’ll get in store or online for a hardcover new release. They did recently eliminate their month-to-month plan though so they are offering 3,6, or 9 month plans. the 3 month comes out to $48 after taxes but what I did was purchase the Groupon deal for a 3 month sub at $19.99 😉

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  3. Sounds like you’ve been a busy bee.. sorry about the migraine though… I probably have headaches once a year but I hate them, they’re so… awful! So, I don’t know how those people cope who get migraines often. Hats off indeed…

    I have seen people really liking their subs boxes… I have never tried one out yet but maybe someday soon I will… not sure 🙂 Glad you liked your box and what came in it, though 🙂 Looks like some fabulous books!

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  4. Lovely box. I am not familiar with the sub so I will have to look into it. I am looking forward to your review from the buddy read. I wish I was better at buddy reading haha, but I have always been a solo kind of gal.

    Sorry to learn that you also deal with migraines, because I truly understand how challenging that can be. But it looks like you have stayed busy and accomplished a lot 🙂

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    1. Migraines are awful and I feel so bad for anyone who has them. Dealing with them on a weekly/daily basis sucks. Thank goodness my kids and hubby understand and grant me some peace… I’m sorry you suffer from them too..

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      1. I hate to admit it, but I am “used” to them. I guess that sounds defeated, but it is more of acceptance. There is nothing that can be done in my particular case. But we roll with the punches ❤ I hope you do not have to go through them too often 🙂 However, if you ever need to grumble.. I have good ears 🙂

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