New Friend Friday!!


Hello Everyone! It’s time for another new friend friday!! I just love this post.. it always seems to pick me up on Fridays 😀  I’m so glad everyone else seems to be enjoying it.  Again feel free to share the love, it doesn’t have to be a post like mine. You could give a shout out via twitter, instagram, tumblr, whatever your social media drug of choice is!! Again have fun with this.. it’s all mean to spread the love beween blogger friends.


Kayla @ KDrewK The Book Worm – Kayla mainly reviews YA and Middle Grade.  Her posts are so sweet but make a nice impact.  I always know after reading one of her reviews whether or not to grab a book I was interested in or not.  She also does monthly book hauls on her blog which I find so interesting.  I haven’t seen many people posting their bookhauls online or I am missing them 😉 She seperates her hauls into library, netgalley, bought, etc.  It’s really cool to see what she is getting on a month basis.  I highly suggest you go check out her blog ASAP (Image below taken from KDrewKTheBookWorm)


Keeana @ Kee The Reader – Keeana is one of those reviewers that I adore.  She doesn’t gloss over the parts of books she dislikest if anyhing didn’t happen the way it should’ve she will let you know.  Of course in a polite way, I also love her down to earth attitude about the books she reads.  She always does the greatest reviews!  She is also killing it on the tags lately, I wish I was as up to date on those as she is. All in all I think her blog deserves some attention.  So please go check her blog out immediately. (Image taken from Kee The Reader)



15 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!

  1. I just love how you point out great bloggers for all of us to follow! I always look at the blogs you post about and they’re just amazing. If I don’t know where to find a new blog to follow, I just check out your Frieday posts 😀

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