Tuesday Tidbits!


Hello everyone, how was your weekend? It seems to have gone from 65 and sunny here to 20 and super duper windy!  Of course my kids are excited for the snow. I don’t mind the snow but this wind is crazy, it’s up to 55mph in some places… Last weekend was pretty crazy but in a good way.  I went to see my best friend display all of her awesomeness at her first craft show with her new business!  She is amazing at what she does.. I’ll put some pics down below.  I have her information if you would like anything custom made just putting that out there.  She is a creative genius!!


We also had a big birthday party over the weekend.  Mini Hulk had his 5th Birthday Party and it went so well 😀  All of the kids were so well behaved. Of course it was a TMNT party, we are all about TMNT for the last 3 years or so..  (excuse the dogs getting a drink in the background ahha)


I did finish two books over the weekend so AMAZING go me! I will have reviews for both up this week. One was a 3 star read and one was a 4 star read.  I’m reading another romance ARC so that will hopefully be up soon after Thanksgiving. I am hoping to get a lot of reading in on my extended weekend. 😀



24 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits!

  1. Stay warm and hope you have a lovely ThanksGiving… ! It’s constantly windy here on the west coast of Ireland as well.. blowing a hooli non-stop… really annoying when it manages to slow down the walking pace as well.. feeling like Don Quijote fighting windmills!

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      1. Uhuh, wouldn’t want it rolling down the street or through neighbor’s gardens like a giant black doughnut! 🙂 or, in fact, putting a dent in your house or windows… hope the weather calms down for ye! 😉

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  2. I am so jealous of the snow! That probably sounds crazy, but it is always hit and miss each year as to whether we will get snow. I grew up with Whites Christmases so this has been a big change for me.

    I did not realize just how crafty your friend is. Those are gorgeous. I need to take some notes haha. And the party looks so cute! My daughter would flip for the decorations!

    I just finished Queen of Hearts and have a few titles I am working on but struggling with. Bleh.. won’t put them on blast here, but we will see 🙂 I hope you are having a great week!

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    1. Anytime my daughter has a project due she says “can we go to Jes’s??” I sigh and say yes.. because what am going to do haha! My dad has more snow than me right now we just have a little bit. I’m sure we will have more by Christmas!

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      1. Yes she is no longer a tween she is a teen. You could always blow up 13 balloons and put your favorite memories in them on paper and have her pop them and read them. .. I mean that’s less party and more for you guys.


  3. New York is freezing also!! I had to take out my uggs and coat when last week I was wearing my leather jacket like nobody’s business lol.

    Your best friend makes awesome décor! So pretty to look at =)

    Happy Birthday to your son! And I cannot wait to see what you read this past weekend. 2 books?! I wish I could lol

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