New Friend Friday! 12/2/16


I’m so excited to bring everyone another New Friend Friday!  I love doing these posts and seeing everyone’s reactions to the new blogs I bring.  I’m just hoping that everyone spreads some blogger positivity out and about in the world this week 😀

Wendy @ Birdie Bookworm – Wendy is an amazing blogger! Not only does she do normal reviews and tags but she lets her daughter “baby chick” do reviews too!  I love the fact that her blog is so interactive with members of her family.  Not only is she amazing at reviewing, she is very, very interactive with other bloggers!! I suggest you go check out her blog right now! (image taken from Birdie Bookworm)



Sam @ Clues & Reviews – While I am new to Sam’s blog, I am loving it!  I am not big into mystery/thriller/suspense books and Sam tends to review those 😉 I just love her reviews of these books, it makes me want to go and immediately pick that book up to try it! Her blog has such a classic elegant look to it!  Once you start reading her reviews you won’t want to stop!  Go check out her blog now!!



11 thoughts on “New Friend Friday! 12/2/16

  1. Love the picks Debby! I just visited both blogs, I am all over Wendy’s blog & her daughters feature Baby Chick *OBSESSED* lol. Sam has such a clean and lovely layout with tons of mystery/thrillers *EeeeK* I’m going to be there for a bit 🙂

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