New Friend Friday 12/9/16


Hi guys! It’s time for another new friend Friday! I’m always excited to do these posts because I love sharing the blogger positivity.  Everyone else seems to enjoy them, so until people say they don’t care anymore I will just keep doing it 😀  Feel free everyday to share the love in the blogging community!  Comment on someones blog, instagram, twitter, etc. on how great a job they are doing!! You never know who could use a pick me up 😉


Donna @ Chocolate N Waffles – First of all just the name of Donna’s blog is fantastic, Chocolate and Waffles?!?! Yes please!!!  She does such amazing reviews of such a wide array of books.   You can always count on her for a Hype or Like Friday and her weekly book update.  I really enjoy seeing what she is reading or hoping to read! I love that Donna wants to raise awareness for mental illness just like me, we would both like it to be un-stigmatized.  On her banner right now it’s snowing!! That’s amazing!! Go check out her blog now!



Lillian @ Lair of Books –  I love how Lilly always interacts with other bloggers!  She is always ready to spread the blogger positivity.  Her reviews are so well thought out, you can tell she really puts the time into her posts. Lilly has these cute little butterfly accents on her posts, so pretty. Her bookish picture taking is on point! I could stare at all of those pictures all day long, they make me want to go and buy more books 😀  If you haven’t checked out Lilly’s blog you should so so today!



23 thoughts on “New Friend Friday 12/9/16

  1. *blushes* Thank you for the compliments Debby! It has been a pleasure interacting with you & visiting your blog 😊💕 this feature alone has led me to so many new bloggers & I just wanted you to know, that I appreciate you 💕

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  2. How did I miss this post? I always try to make sure I see your love-spreading posts! Silly me! Thanks so much for the shoutout, it’s been wonderful to meet you 🙂 I enjoy checking your blog a lot. That’s when I wish the Internet would let me share my waffles online with a super-powerful sharing food app! 😀 💕

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