Tuesday Tidbits 12/13/16


Hey everyone, I’m not sure if anyone noticed that I skipped last week.  I did but only because our household has been battling a major cold!  It’s awful… I highly suggest not going anywhere near anyone with a cough.  Once you have caught this cough it is a nightmare to get rid of!!  Since I have been under the weather my posts have been sporadic and not up to par.  For that I am sorry, it will probably get worse before it gets better. Without revealing to much detail on the interweb… it’s just rough around the household right now.

Also I don’t know if you have heard but Christmas is soooo close!!! This will definitely throw off my posts… so if I owe you a tag or a book review please bare with me!  I promise to get back into the swing of things soon.  I am still reading and reviewing it just seems to be a slower pace lately.

Bookish news.. I just finished a combo book that contained Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn.  I really enjoyed both stories and can’t wait to read Kissing Father Christmas next.


16 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits 12/13/16

  1. Awwe, I hope you and yours get well fast. The cough does seem to be a wicked problem this year. Here in Ireland as well… I had proper awful flu at the beginning of 2016 so I am hopeful that this winter I won’t be bed-ridden for 4 days with no idea of time or space.

    Looks like you have some cosy Christmas reads lined up- I hope you enjoy your books! 🙂 I’m struggling with an urban fantasy at the moment. It’s tough because the plot has so much potential but the writing is a bit clunky… maybe it’s just me but something somewhere feels disconnected… anyway… to avoid reading slump I also started reading Adorkable by Cookie O’Gorman… we shall see how it delivers. Not my usual genre but a bit of fun can go a long way! 🙂

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      1. Yeah, I think Adorkable has that fake boyfriend plot… the start was pretty entertaining, hopefully it won’t fall flat 🙂
        Yeah, urban fantasy is something I haven’t fully figured out how I feel about it… mm… yes, it is an easy read but just strange somehow… anyway! Upwards and onwards! 🙂

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