Tuesday Tidbits 12/27/16



Hello everyone!! I know not everyone celebrates the same holiday seasons but if you do I hope that your Holiday was wonderful.  While mine was not the normal it didn’t make it any less special with these kiddos. Normally we travel over Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but do to some illnesses we decided staying home was the best option.  While we truly missed seeing all of our family and friends over these two days, it was quite nice just to sit and enjoy one another’s company, instead of only while we are traveling in the car.  I quite enjoy that my littles remember that every Christmas morning after presents we make a HUGE breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, and bacon.  That breakfast was one of the traditions Mr. Tough Guy and I started when we got married, I hope that one day my kids carry on that tradition.

Onto bookish things, I did get two books for Christmas which I am really excited about.  I also finished two buddy reads this past weekend with friends so I hope to have those reviews up and posted soon.  I feel so bad about not posting lately and will try to make it up to you guys!  I can’t believe how sick everyone has been lately in this house!  On a good note though I got this little notification today!! I have over 100 followers!! I remember being excited when I just had one! So thank you, to anyone who follows my blog I appreciate all of you!!!

100 Follows!


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits 12/27/16

  1. My Christmas plans involved 3 hours in a car, which was okay because road trips with my mother are always fun but a part of me wished I could have stayed home with my baby dogs. I’m not a big fan of 6-hour family meals!
    Congrats on reaching 100 followers! 🙂

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