New Friend Friday 12/30/16


Holy Cow!!! It’s the last new friend Friday for 2016.  I never thought such a tiny little idea of spreading the blogger love would be one of my biggest posts each week.  I am so happy everyone enjoys these posts, and you are able to find new to you blogs!  I have made some amazing friends through blogging and am quite excited to make a ton more.  So give a blogger friend a shout out either on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, or whatever social media you prefer.  That tiny shout out may make their day!

Asia @ Lost Art of Reading – You know what I love more than a great blogger? Is a great blogger who chit chats in the comments section!!Asia takes the time to talk in the comments section which is really nice, I always love hearing everyone’s opinions on books.  She also writes amazing reviews, for being new to the blogosphere you can tell she really puts thought into what her likes and dislikes about a book are.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet I highly suggest you do!


Marie @ Marie’s Library – Oh how I love, love, love Marie’s blog.  Her blog is so well organized that I never have to look far for what I need.  Her reviews!! AHH I love her reviews they are so brutally honest and fantastic.  You never have to guess what her thoughts were on the book she explains her reasoning for everything.  You should go check out her blog immediately.



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