Tuesday Tidbits 1/3/17


Hi everyone, it’s the first Tuesday tidbits of the year.  I can hardly believe it is a new year… I feel like I just started 2016 and it’s over.  On a positive note after almost the whole house was on antibiotics I feel like we might actually be getting over this cold.  However the kids went back to school today to get some new germs, so I’m sure we will all be sick again in no time.

After being sick for so long I’m finally able to read again.  Well at a normal pace… it was killing me to read so slow.  I finished  couple buddy reads and just finished Knight’s Shadow by Sebastien De Castell so that review should be up soon.  The only problem reviewing a book you absolutely love is trying to find all the correct words to describe the awesomeness.   How is your 2017 reading going so far??  I’m excited for a new year to read ALL the books…


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits 1/3/17

  1. I hope the germs leave you alone for a bit! I managed not to catch anything for the moment, but it’s only a question of time! 🙂
    I’m happy with my reading plans for January, I have lots of very different stories to go through. I’m enjoying it as much as possible because the new university semester starts at the end of the month, which means my reading and blogging will have to be reduced 😦

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